Here are some articles we’ve written to help you learn the art of dispute resolution.

shared parenting now means exchanging cheques

Common sense would tell us that if two people owe each other money the most effective way to settle things is for one to pay the other the difference between the two amounts. Well, 'common' logic does not extend to Canada Revenue Agency or the Federal Tax Court. A...

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Shifting roles not rolling in court

Until the late 20th century women were assumed to be the ones best able to perform the role of companion/nurturer - the glue that bound family and social relationships together. The authors like Daniel Golman published research that showed  shifting reality - that men...

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Why should you choose Collaborative Law ?

I am asked in consultations to explain why I think Collaborative Law should be the first stop in any dispute. I am then asked to share those ideas with others who come to my website looking for information, help and assistance. This post is intended share some of...

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What is the Meaning of your Divorce?

For every event, experience or ‘fact’ you encounter in your life you apply a meaning. Meaning is the story or narrative that gives context and understanding to your experience – for you. The same event, experience or ‘fact’ can have different meaning to different...

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A Message from Your Estranged Child

I am every age. I am four and twelve and fourteen and twenty-nine. I am every age in between. Pray for me and for our reconnection. believe in the power of your own mind and heart. Know the power of your thoughts. Know that you can reach me and hold me in your mind’s eye. Find a way to rise above the negativity and the pain and let love sustain you. Believe that there is some purpose to this mess and that we will both be okay. I can only be alienated if you allow it to happen by giving up.

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Divorce Myths you need to know about

If you are considering getting a divorce and trying to learn about the process this article is for you.

You may be getting advice from friends, family members, your hairstylist, or someone at the gym. There’s a pretty good likelihood that some or all of what they tell you about the divorce process is incomplete.

Incorrect information causes good people to make bad decisions or take actions that may wind up hurting themselves and their children.

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